As the Seller Should I be Home for Inspection

As the seller, should I be pres­ent in my home during the home inspection?

There are many pro and con argu­ments about having the homeowner present during the inspection. When the homeowner is present, any questions that may arise during the inspection can usually easily be an­swered. It is important, however, for the homeowner to keep in mind that the inspector has not been retained to point out all of the good aspects of the home and that they should not feel of­fended when the inspector points out a defect or potential defect.

The potential purchaser is sometimes intimidated by the homeowner and does not feel comfortable asking all of the questions he or she may have. The homeowner may also feel uncomfortable during the inspection because it is very thorough – as mentioned above, the process usually takes 2 to 4 hours. Ulti­mately, however, it is the homeowner’s house and therefore their decision whether they are present during the home inspection process.

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